Dalton Gross


For those that do not know me, my name is Dalton Gross. I was born here in Valdosta, and I lived here until the summer before my eighth grade year. I grew up here at Central and still consider Valdosta and Central to be my home. When I left Valdosta, I first lived in Greenville Alabama. From there, I moved to Troy Alabama and since then have moved to two different houses in Troy.

I am now currently a student at Faulkner University. I am a Bible major on the track of youth ministry. I chose youth ministry because I have always been drawn to it. I want to affect the lives of teens as well as show them through actions and teaching what it means to live as Christ would.

This summer I will be working under Ronnie West as the youth intern for Central. I will be teaching classes as well as helping in any way possible. I am very much looking forward to what this summer has to offer and how I can help these kids grow spiritually. I am also looking forward to seeing what God can do through me.