Intentionally Molded Into His Image

I had the honor of speaking at the ladies Tuesday morning bible class here at Central last week.

My topic was titled “Intentionally Molded Into His Image”.

We looked at the definitions of each one of those words and what they mean to us as Christians in our daily walk.

I believe we need to look in a mirror each day and ask ourselves if people can see God’s reflection in us.

As we all know, we should be molding ourselves each and every day in His image. It is a constant process that consist of bible study, prayer, and I believe worshipping together to encourage each other as a family more than just once a week on a Sunday morning!

As we watch the world through social media, television, and daily interactions with others I pray we can see and understand the importance of how badly the world needs the Lord and how it is our responsibility as Christians to show the world His image through us instead of us looking like the world!

Ronnie West