"Coach" Tommy Stringer


This is a name that I know is not familiar to anyone here at Central.

“Coach” Tommy Stringer was one of the winningest high school football coaches in the state of Georgia.

He lived in Loganville GA and coached at numerous high schools in Georgia over his more than 50 years of his career.

The reason I am writing this article in honor of him is because he will be remembered for so much more in his successful life than just being a coach.

He was a dear friend to my immediate family and he was Wade’s high school football coach and the Athletic Director at the school for Rachel and Zach and we attended church together for over 15 years.

He and his wife (Ms. Sybil) were the true example of a Christian couple, “Coach” never smoke nor drank because he wanted to always be the example he needed to be to so many teenagers over his life and you never heard words come from his mouth that wasn’t appropriate. He also tried his best to show the teachers, students, players and staff how a Christian was supposed to conduct themselves on a daily basis.

“Coach” was a kind and gentle man that loved his family, loved his school, and his Savior.

He was very special to my children and he will be missed dearly!

He passed away early Saturday morning and is now waiting on the rest of us to see him once again I pray very soon.

As I write this my family is in Loganville with his family at the funeral home and to see and witness the out pouring of people and stories of how he touched so many lives I couldn’t help but wonder – what will be said by others about us when we pass on to meet our Lord and Savior!

“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.”  Matthew 7:12

Ronnie West