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As Christians, we are all related through God's Church.  The family that creates is designed to allow us to grow together as a body, encouraging and serving each other as our needs require. Our goal is to come together so we may better serve God and our neighbors, as Jesus taught.

Spiritual Enrichment Groups

The Central Avenue Church of Christ Spiritual Enrichment Group (SEG) program began in August 2006. The program provides for individual spiritual development and Christian fellowship, and promotes congregational unity and commitment. Groups are led by volunteer couples and meet monthly, usually on the third Sunday, in homes or other local venues for devotional and fellowship activities. On the Sunday that Spiritual Enrichment Groups meet, no evening services are conducted at the church building. This provides greater scheduling flexibility for our individual Spiritual Enrichment Group meetings. Meeting announcements are published in the church bulletin and Sunday morning order of worship sheets.


SEG provide members the opportunity to associate in smaller, more casual settings. Membership and participation are voluntary. However, everyone is invited to select a SEG and are encouraged to affiliate with its members for spiritual enrichment and fellowship.


Since January 2018, four SEGs involving more than 200 members have been active. Groups encompass college age, young adults and families, and empty-nesters. Group membership is open on a continuous basis. Everyone is encouraged to participate. 


If you'd like more information about the SEG program, or to join a group, please contact the church office at 229-262-6115

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