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“Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”  -Matthew 20:28

When we speak of ministry, we are referring to service. We are attending to one another's needs. Jesus taught us as Christians to minister to the needs of others, both our Christian family and those lost in the world.

At Central Avenue Church of Christ, we take our responsibility to minister to others as part of our daily Christian life. Our members are active in dozens of ministries that help people in our community and throughout the world. 

Casserole Ministry

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10

Every month, members of the Central family experience serious health emergencies or the birth of a new baby and need a meal on short notice. We also have a number of shut-ins that we would like to help from time to time.


To meet this need, we are asking each family in the congregation to provide a casserole we can deliver as soon as we learn of a need.  If you would like to prepare one of your favorite recipes, labels and aluminum pans (both family and individual-sized) will be available in the lobbies for the next two weeks. After that, they will be available in the room across from Laura’s office.


If you would prefer to purchase a casserole or to contribute money to purchase one, you may give your contribution to Laura Swindle, Liz Klimko, Bonita West, or one of the elders’ wives.  The labels should include the date, the type of casserole, the contents (for those who may have a nut or other food allergy), and the cooking instructions.  You do not need to include your name.

If you bring your casserole during the week, you can drop it by the church office, and one of the staff members will make sure it gets to the freezer we have designated for this ministry.  If you bring it during our regular meeting times, you can place it in the freezer section of one of the refrigerator/freezers in the Central Annex kitchen, behind the main auditorium. A member of the casserole committee will move it to the freezer after services.


While we don’t have the resources to provide meals for those who aren’t members of this congregation, this ministry will be a great way to deliver meals immediately to members who need them and to make sure no member is left out.  This ministry will meet a very real need at Central, and we appreciate the efforts of all who will be involved. The meals we deliver, and the care and concern they express will encourage many.


Bible Class Supervisors
Adult Classes

Byron Brown & G.R. Holton


Middle & High School

Ronnie West


Children's Ministry
Sara Williams


Christian Student Center 
Mike Paine


Tuesday Ladies Bible Class
Ginny Holton 


Men's Prayer Group
Jerry DeLoach


Shut In Visitation
Frances Draper


Spiritual Enrichment Group
Larry Jonas


Quiet Bags
Tammy Jones


Funeral Food Groups
Frances Draper


Shower Groups
Janet Brown

Flowers for Auditorium
Louise Johnson & Jody Yates

Care of Baptismal Garments
Janet Brown


Communion Preparation 
Jay Barfield




Mike Dame


Frances Draper 


Ken Parson


Feeding the Flock
Marie Weeks


Soup Kitchen 
Michael & Patsy Black


Visitors Ministry
Frances Draper


Welcome Home Ministry
Chris Prine


Monday for the Master
Garner Walker


Kevin Boyd


Douglas, GA Missions
Don Seat

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